Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ipsy October 2015 Review

Hey there, so let is talk about Ipsy. Ipsy is a $10 a month make up subscription that will send you five sample, full or deluxe sample sized make up and beauty items to your door once a month. Here's a link to subscribe if you're interested. Now on to my glambag.

First I received a hand cream in the scent coconut cream by the brand Delectable. While this is my first time using a product by this company I would have to say it's a three maybe four star product. The cream itself was alright it made my hands smooth, there was no added softness though. The scent smelled like sugar encrusted coconut chips though so that's a plus.
Next was a matte liquid lipstick, which I wasn't really fond of. I was given the color committed in the Meet Matte Hughes line by theBalm. A word to the wise, depending on your skin tone this shade won't look the greatest on you. I'm the last skin tone in the top row and I just wasn't feeling this color.
On the bright side this liquid lip stick smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream with a scoop of vanilla bean mixed in. Though to be honest even if I liked the shade, I'm not a matte lip color type of girl. I think it looks nice on others but just not on me.

I love the dr brandt brand. Their products actually work on my skin without breaking me out, they actually get rid of my acne without leaving any scarring (cough cough proactive burns cough ). Anyways This micro dermal abrasion  scrub made my skin so soft and smooth after just one use. The only thing to warn about is that it smells like lemon pledge. Also if you leave it on too long it tingles, but it's the tingle as if you left lemon zest or oil on your skin. Overall I love it I just wish the full size wasn't so expensive. In case you receive a  sample by chance, they do come with a foil seal inside.

Bronze cream eye shadow by MicaBeauty. While it is very creamy, if you use a brush to apply it, your brush will get a tacky texture. This shadow is very highly pigmented. If you're careful you can use it for light pigment however it is very easy to end up with full on bronzed lids with this product. If you're looking for a club shadow or something that will really stand out this is the shadow for you.

Lastly I received an eye shadow brush as my last item this month. It's  a very good brush but I don't have much to say concerning it because I've never gotten a bad make up brush. Over all this month my Ipsy bag was okay, hopefully  next month is better. How about you? What was in your Ipsy bag this month?

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