Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ipsy October 2015 Review

Hey there, so let is talk about Ipsy. Ipsy is a $10 a month make up subscription that will send you five sample, full or deluxe sample sized make up and beauty items to your door once a month. Here's a link to subscribe if you're interested. Now on to my glambag.

First I received a hand cream in the scent coconut cream by the brand Delectable. While this is my first time using a product by this company I would have to say it's a three maybe four star product. The cream itself was alright it made my hands smooth, there was no added softness though. The scent smelled like sugar encrusted coconut chips though so that's a plus.
Next was a matte liquid lipstick, which I wasn't really fond of. I was given the color committed in the Meet Matte Hughes line by theBalm. A word to the wise, depending on your skin tone this shade won't look the greatest on you. I'm the last skin tone in the top row and I just wasn't feeling this color.
On the bright side this liquid lip stick smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream with a scoop of vanilla bean mixed in. Though to be honest even if I liked the shade, I'm not a matte lip color type of girl. I think it looks nice on others but just not on me.

I love the dr brandt brand. Their products actually work on my skin without breaking me out, they actually get rid of my acne without leaving any scarring (cough cough proactive burns cough ). Anyways This micro dermal abrasion  scrub made my skin so soft and smooth after just one use. The only thing to warn about is that it smells like lemon pledge. Also if you leave it on too long it tingles, but it's the tingle as if you left lemon zest or oil on your skin. Overall I love it I just wish the full size wasn't so expensive. In case you receive a  sample by chance, they do come with a foil seal inside.

Bronze cream eye shadow by MicaBeauty. While it is very creamy, if you use a brush to apply it, your brush will get a tacky texture. This shadow is very highly pigmented. If you're careful you can use it for light pigment however it is very easy to end up with full on bronzed lids with this product. If you're looking for a club shadow or something that will really stand out this is the shadow for you.

Lastly I received an eye shadow brush as my last item this month. It's  a very good brush but I don't have much to say concerning it because I've never gotten a bad make up brush. Over all this month my Ipsy bag was okay, hopefully  next month is better. How about you? What was in your Ipsy bag this month?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Self drawing

So I decided to do a drawing of myself because I've never really been that great at drawing myself other than my chest.  I've noticed that my posts with drawings tend to get more views, is this something you think I should pursue?  I think I may end up drawing a little short for most of my posts from now on, maybe nothing big each time but something to claim it as my own you know? Though I don't know if I'll draw for my make up reviews or just take really bad pictures per the usual. Have any products or web comics you want me to review, leave a comment below so we can start a discussion and hopefully I can try it for you and tell you how it was or what I thought.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Selkie Web Comic Review

Selkie is a slice of life comic about a young orphaned mer-girl named Selkie that updates three times a week and is written and drawn by web comic artist Dave Warren. The comic revolves around Selkie's everyday life prior to and after being adopted by a human named Todd Smith. Though the art leaves a bit to be desired the story telling of this comic is amazing, and even more amazing is that it's completely PG making it the perfect comic to read with younger family members and children.  There's no real cursing and on the rare occasion it does come up, because believe it or not children do curse sometimes, Dave uses symbols to signify the curse word. The comic even tackles the questions of where Selkie's species comes from, and how she ended up for adoption on dry land. So if you're looking for a good read and don't mind the art style, head over to . If you, or your child, really enjoy the story consider donating to Dave on patreon. Patreon is a great way to support your favorite online comic artist, writers, and basically anyone who has an online presence that you don't mind validating monetarily.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ipsy Preview October 2015

Ipsy previews are up  everyone, can't wait to try these. Personally I'm most excited about the Dr.Brandt item. I've received items from this brand before and they always work for my acne when I break out. I can always use a new brush or two, but I have about three eye shadows in this color or a very similar pigment, all of which I've gotten from my Ipsy bags. I love getting a good hand cream and coconut so hopefully the formula works well, finally I'm a bit iffy about the liquid lipstick due to having a caramel complexion so hopefully this shade works for me. I'll be sure to do a full review when my bag gets here. So what are you getting in this months Ipsy bag?

Ruby Kisses Lip Salvation

Okay so I don't know about you but, I've always had a problem with chapped dry lips. I know, I know I could just use a sugar scrub or use some chap stick but those don't always work for me.Recently I noticed one of my favorite lip gloss brands has a lip salvation gloss out now and decided to try it. Like all Ruby Kisses glosses  it is in fact very glossy. At first it was just like any other gloss with a bit of mint oil in it, tingly ad refreshing. Unlike other glosses though it stays true to the Ruby Kisses brand and makes your lips feel really soft. I used it over a five day period and my cracks were gone, my lips as now as smooth as silk.  Over all I love it, and I can see myself getting another tube when this one's gone.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Ipsy Addict

Hey there people of the interwebs, not sure about you but I am an Ipsy addict. They just updated their spoilers for this month, look below for the link.

Dogs are weird

So I ordered some green tea bath fizzies from The Willow Tree Soap Company, and they were amazing. They smelled sweet yet subtle and I loved them however, my first bath with them I found out my dog  is weird. By weird I mean she steals panties. She decided that she would come in and sniff them. Once sniffed she thought oh hey let's make eye contact, you MUST acknowledge that I'm doing this. She took one more sniff grabbed them in her mouth and ran. It was as if she was saying hahahaaaaa you're stuck there now. To this day I still don't know where she put them, and she started a trend. Now I can't let any of my panties touch the ground because my other dogs take them too. I swear when I move there's going to be a lost mountain of panties I won't want back somewhere.